Monday, April 15, 2013

We need many more India Gates for justice!

Image courtesy : The Indian Express

She was gangraped by 16 boys, nine of them juveniles. She was beaten, cut up and her genitals mutilated. She made it to hospital, but was sent home with first-aid. When she survived to fight, she ran into an indifferent administration and influential accused. Schools denied her admission, and others mocked and threatened her. Chances are you haven't heard this 16-year-old's story. Three days after the brutal attack on her, the Delhi bus gangrape would happen, and a grieving nation's conscience would not find time or space for this distant town in remote Meghalaya.’  
                                                      -The Sunday Express

We are not a nation at all. We have failed completely as a nation and we have always preferred to be at the receiving end. Had we ever been at serving end, the situation would have been different; whole lot different.

I have always considered myself a true national, a true and honest countryman. For me, India was north states. I never wondered about east, south or west. That’s what we all do with full grace. For our own comfort, we have transformed the definition of a nation into something so vicious and corrupt. Actually, we are really a no nation. We are separate states, casts, creeds and ism’s calling ourselves a nation. And, So was I completely wrong and had misunderstood the meanings of such tiny-big words. After reading a story published in The Sunday Express, I have realized what a nation and a national really means. And, I am not the one for sure. 

This story of a rape victim, has ignited (and disturbed) my soul but with deep disgrace I confess that I can't do anything for her. Mourning is all I am left with. She has to live her whole life covering her face with a ''Dupatta'' or something else. Hiding from society, she has to live her life repenting on that horrific and brutal night. How brutal we are, this story tells me. How ignorant we are, this story shouts at me. But, we protest on an India Gate situated in New Delhi, the great capital of our country India. Why do we protest here, because it’s Delhi and mainstream media can't ignore this place! Even if a pigeon dies, it becomes news here. We care for our own safety, our own interests and our own home.  

We have hijacked the position of policy makers and make policies for everyone but for seven sisters. Yet, we call seven sisters a part of this country and often blame them for not being cordial and responsive. Many of us blame them of supporting our neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. I ask, why shouldn't they? What have we done for them? Not a bit. We even ignore their stories. I say this because I observe social media and pity on people, friends for not sharing these stories. They don’t even drop by to read these stories. Rather, everybody is busy liking some photographers, one-liner’s and bullshit-crap ideologies. Honey Singh doesn’t make them rapist but these stories do make them uncomfortable. They don’t read such stories because it probably feels sadist.

Our conscience neglects their pain, sorrows and brutality they face. We don't try to understand them. We are hardly interested in reading their stories unless and until someone like Mary Kom pops up from that region and makes all of us proud. So selfish we are that we only celebrate her success, the medal which she brings to our country, the feeling of self esteem she brings to us with all her hard work. We respect Manna Dey because he sings for Bollywood, our entertainment feeder bus, our lifeline for fun and fantasy. 

I wish, our Seven Sisters too had an India Gate. Probably our so called national media would have focus their lenses on them as well. They would have shouted for days to bring that poor rape victim the justice. But they won't, because Seven Sisters lack an India Gate. 

What an irony, I can only mourn.

I’m sorry sister! 


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